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<b>I Shine Combo&#44; 4 oz with 1/2 oz. Brush Bottle Free!<b>

Glass Dappen Dish

U.V. Gel based Acrylic Nail Liquid

10-2Go 133 Grand Canyon Gel Nail Polish

Nailogic Building Nail Gel

Gotta have it! Stix-it Nail Prep

<b>Cuticle Eraser Pumice Stone<b>

Gel Nail Tips&#44; 100 ct.&#44; 10ea.&#44; sizes 1-10

#139 A Sandy Castle in St Thomas

Nailogic Base Gel for Nails

Nailogic Nail Tip Resin/Glue&#44; 20 gram w/ needle cap

U-Mix Finishing/Mixing Nail Color Gel

Nailogic Gel Nail and hand Sanitizer

Dappen Dish&#44; Plastic

10-2Go 114 Roz Petal Gel Nail Polish

9 watt UV nail curing replacement bulb

Nailogic 1 Step Clear Nail Gel

10-2Go 101 Raczy Red Gel Nail Polish

Nailogic Tip Blender

10-2Go Clear Base/Top Coat

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122 Lie2Me 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish
122 Lie2Me 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish  

122 Lie2Me Gel Nail Polish

not pink! not purple!
Soft and shiny, sort of a lilac.

Price: $14.95

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122 Lie2Me 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish 103 Fireweed 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish

Price: $14.95

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101 Raczy Red 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish
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