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Gels 101 for Nailogic Starters


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Class synopsis:
This is a starters class. If you have never applied Nailogic Gels before this Live Interactive class is the best way to start!
Watch our educators on your screen as we walk you step by step through Nail Prep and Nailogic Gels O
You will do each step as we watch what you are doing, and you will create a beautiful nail during the class.

Initially, you will only be doing one (1) nail during the class.
This class will take about 2 hours! All Live! and you can ask questions as we proceed.

What you need:
           1. To be able to apply/practice along with our educator, you will need a kit.
                   Info to acquire a kit explained below.
            2. Allow at least two weeks between the day you place your
                   order and the class date you choose in order to receive your kit in time!
            3. If you have a 9 watt UV light or UV/LED light already,
                   you can use it for the class. Kit/Class options available with or without a UV/LED light.
            4. Or you can simply watch and apply what you learn later.

              Describe Kit, Price includes class, and Photo Here

How it works:
              1. You must be registered on our website to participate in a class, register here, then hit the back button to
                      come back here.
              2. Under “Please Select Your Options” below,
                            A. You must “Choose Class Option”;
                                          1. “Kit w/ Lite”      
                                              “No Lite Kit”     
                                              “View Only”      
                             B. You must “Choose Date&Time” (remember to schedule two weeks from scheduling date).

                             C. Click “Buy”! If the next page reveals all the info you requested…….
              3. Proceed to checkout!
See you real soon!


Price: $10.00 to $75.00
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