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10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish Color Powders

Mix to match your own colors!

This color concept allows you to custom create nail color, and make only enough to color one client at a time, and it will not chip or peel.

Nailogic gels do not dry, if you have a little of a color left over, do not throw it away, simply add more
10-2Go Clear Mixing Liquid
to make a whole new color!

Artwork too!


Choose your pigment colors from the dropdown menu below the color pictures!

12001 Red Matte
Red Matte

12002 Pink Sparkle
Pink Sparkle

12003 Bright Blue
Bright Blue

12004 Gold Metallic
Gold Metallic

12005 White Opalescence
White Opalescence

12006 Coral

12007 Copper Metallic
Copper Metallic 

12008 Bugundy Metallic
Burgundy Metallic 

12009Lavende Frost
Lavender Frost

12010 Bonxe Metallic
Bronze Metallic 

12011 Peach Frost
Peach Frost

12012 Light Brown Frost
Light Brown Frost

2013 Teal Opal
Teal Opal

12014 Grape Frost
Grape Frost

12015 Black atte
Black Matte

12016 Silver Metallic
Silver Metallic

12017 Yellow Matte
Yellow Matte

12018 Mocha Matte
Mocha Matte

12019 Wine Matte
Wine Matte

12020 Evergreen Matte
Evergreen Matte

12021 Blue Matte
Blue Matte

12022 Plum Frost
Plum Frost

12023 Lilac Matte
Lilac Matte

12024 White Matte
White Matte

12025 Seafoam Frost
SeaFoam Frost

12026 Coral Opal
Coral Opal

12027 Blue Gold
Blue Gold

12028 Eggplant Metallic
EggPlant Metallic

12029 Laender Ice
Lavender Ice

12030 Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime

12031 Pink Pearl
Pink Pearl

12032 Pastel Pink
Pastel Pink

12033 Red Opal
Red Opal

12034 Opal Ice
Opal Ice

12035 Neon Pink
Neon Pink

12036 Neon Yellow
Neon Yellow

12037 Neon Blue
Neon Blue

12038 Neon Red
Neon Red

12039 Neon Orange
Neon Orange

12040 Neon Green
Neon Green

12041 Neon Soft Orange
Neon Soft Orange

12042 Glow in the Dark Blue
Glow-in-Dark Blue

12043 Sheer Pink
Sheer Pink

12044 Neon Purple
Neon Purple

Price: $7.05 to $22.95
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