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Very Important!

Read This before you Begin!

Common Mistakes Made when applying Nailogic Products

This page is dedicated to the solutions to common mistakes made by techs using Nailogic products BEFORE they become a problem!

Gels are very different than traditional acrylics, and our gels are different in many ways from other gels. With this list of mistakes perhaps we can help you get going faster and with better results.

Rule #1, Call us immediately if you have any questions or problems!

Practice is the only way to become an expert. Using the product 2 or 3 times will not be enough understanding of how this product works to be successful.

See the “TroubleShooter” and on previous page in this booklet.

1. Client must not wash hands with soap and water 30 to 45 minutes prior to service. Clients should use waterless sanitizers in the restroom! Do not trust clients to do sanitation, sanitize at your station! Always advise clients not to apply lotions day of service. The dryer the nail the better!

2. The sun will cause your gels and brushes to become useless!
Any source of U.V. rays will render your products and brushes as solid as a rock. Even on the north side of a building on a cloudy day! If you work near a picture window you may have a problem! Tanning beds will have the same effect.

3. Nail surface preparation is the most important part
(see page 9)

4. Application of the “Adhesion Booster”
has two parts.

A. Do not apply this primer to skin surfaces. It will not burn as in the case of acid primers but our primer has gel in it, so the gels you apply later will creep to where ever you have put our “Adhesion Booster”!

B. The “Adhesion Booster” must be put under the U.V. Lamp for at least 30 seconds. If you do not do this the primer will act as a lubricant and cause product to lift in a day or two!
(see page 9)

5. The “Base” gel must be worked into the nail
surface very well, especially back at the cuticle and sidewalls. 20 strokes with your brush ought to do it for the center of the nail. For the cuticle area hold the brush almost perpendicular to the nail surface and make small swirling motions all along the cuticles to push the gel into the little etches you have made with your file. Do not lift your brush during strokes or swirls as you will create air bubbles you may need to fix later.

6. All other gels do NOT need be worked in. Simply wet the entire surface of the nail with gel, add gel as needed and watch the gel do the rest. Over brushing will simply waste your time and create bubbles loosing clarity of the gel!

7. Then, To much brush pressure. People new to gels want to press the brush against the nail as you would with traditional acrylics. Wrong! The lighter your brush stroke the better. Simply touch the gel product on your brush to the wet gel surface and stroke along the nail surface (not touching the nail with the brush), watch the product flow off the brush onto the nail!

8. Over brushing, or attempting to brush to perfection as one would with traditional acrylics will not produce the results you want. Allow Nailogic gels level on its own! Very little brush work should be necessary!

9. Never lay your gels brushes down!
When you lay the brush down your brush will pick up lint, nail dust, or worse and because our product is crystal clear it will be a nuisance and/or be seen in the finished nail. Always leave your gels brushes standing bristle side up!

10. Do Not clean your brushes with brush cleaner until you are finished with the service! If you find your product is coming out soft or lifts very soon, particularly when sculpting white free edges, this may be the result of having Nail Sanitizer, Brush Cleaner, or polish remover in your brush or under the nail. You see how easily the brush cleaner removes wet gel? you must believe that the cleaners will destroy the the gels when gels are in liquid form on the nail! Allow 3 to 5 minutes for brush to dry before using.

A. Do not clean your brush between gels except with a dry lint free wipe.

B. Between clients be very certain your brush is clean, sanitized, and dry 3-5 minutes!

C. Be certain the nail is dry on the under side and along side walls before applying gels!

Solution: Have 3 brushes!

A. Let 1 brush dry while doing your next client. 1 brush always drying while 1 is in use.
B. Have a 3rd brush specifically for gel colors. Clean your colors brush immediately after use, and it will be dry for the next gel colors application.

11. Remember ………. Our Nailogic gels will only level on a wet gel surface!, so always brush on a little bit of gel, then add more as necessary to level. Good Luck!, call if you need us!

12. Remember ……….. 2, 3, 2, 3!

2 minutes under the light if the gel is clear, to be bonded and hard.
3 minutes under the light if the gel is not clear, to be bonded and hard.
2 minutes for "I Shine"
3 minutes under the light if you want a finishing GEL to shine.

13. Removal of gels.

A. Typically there is no necessity to remove gels as is often suggested with traditional acrylic nails.

B. The smartest thing to do is to simply file the gel down until it is thin on the nail surface (do not attempt to file the gel off completely as you may cause injury to the nail itself), buff until smooth, then oil. Let the gel just grow off. No one will know the gel is still there as it is clear and will look like the natural nail.

C. If your client insists on complete removal, be advised it will take an hour to an hour and a half soaking in acetone before the gel will soften. File the gel until thin. Put an acetone soaked pad on the nail surface, wrap each nail separately with aluminum foil, then apply heat. Hot mitts or hot paraffin will work best. Maintain the heat on the nails for at least 1 hour before checking to see if the gel has softened. When the gel has softened you can simply peel the gel off the nails with an orangewood stick or metal cuticle pusher. Cleanse, hydrate, do not do this service for free!


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