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Gel Fiberglass

Please read the Read This Before You Begin pages before you begin.

1. Follow the instructions for Basic Natural Nail Preparation”. If you are applying tips follow instructions for “Applying a Tip”.

2. Using the nailogic "Stix-it Nail Prep" primer apply a thin coat as you would polish, allow to dry for 10-15 seconds.

3. Using the “Nailogic Building Gel  gel, apply a small amount to the nail. Experience will teach you how much a little is. Remember it is always easier to apply a little more than it is to make a mess! This first coat of gel, and only the first coat needs to be worked in quite well. Using a #2 gels brush, use at least 15 to 20 strokes to be sure the gel has been worked into all the etch marks and corners of the nail. Wrap the free edge with gel. Use small swirling brush motion to push gel back to the cuticle. Be certain at all times you have not gotten any product on the cuticles.
Gel on skin equals lifting.
While the building gel is still wet........

4. Before you cure under the lamp, place a precut piece of fiberglass or silk onto the surface of the nails. Gently tap the fabric all over with your brush. Allowa few seconds for the gel to consume the fabric.

5. Using the “Nailogic Building Gel now apply a small line or two as needed to create the shaping desired, see the "Nailogic Applications Instructional DVD". Allow to spread. Remember, Nailogic gel will only flow on a wet gel surface. Add additional gel as needed. Move gel around with your brush if needed (heavy brush stokes will not usually be helpful). Turn hand upside down 15 to 20 seconds, allow the gel to self level. If gel does not arch, you need a little more gel. If gel is on the cuticle, it will be because you have brushed gel onto the skin, you have put too much gel on the nail, waited too long to put gel under the UV light, or the room is too warm. Remove gel from cuticles with a metal cuticle pusher as needed.
Gel on skin equals lifting.
Immediately place the nails under the "U.V. Lamp" , remember, 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out 3 or 4 times, then for 2 minutes.

6. Cleanse the nail with “Nail Sanitizer” .  Shape by filing surface as needed. Buff the surface with a buffing block.
Cleanse the nail with
“Nail Sanitizer” again.

7. Now would be the time to apply a coat of "Gel Fini gel nail color!", OR "10-2Go Gel Nail Polish!"


8. Using I Shine” apply a THIN coat as you would polish. Do not apply to skin. Allow to self level a few seconds. Be certain to remove any product you have not gotten on the skin.
Place the nails under the "U.V. Lamp" for2 minutes.
Must wipe with alcohol or polish remover, Do not Buff!!!!!!!.


The nails will be strong and be permanently shiny.

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