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<b>1/2 oz. An oil which will hydrate and promote good cuticle health!<b>

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Here is an important Tip! Nail glues work in the absence of air! "Tip-pically" if your tip has not stuck within 10 seconds, it is because you have air between the natural nail and the tip. If the air is gone, adhesion will typically happen in 10 seconds or less. Need proof? Drop some glue on a tip or form and set it on your station, check every couple of minutes, see how long it takes to become completely hard!

  1. Etch and cleanse the nail per the instructions in “ Basic Natural Nail Preparation” steps #1 to #4.
  2. Apply a thin coat of “Nailogic Tip Resin” to the natural nail and let dry. Apply a little “Tip Resin” to the well of "the tip" and apply the tip to the nail, remember, "Stop, Rock, Hold"! Using this process, if the tip “pops off” or gets pulled off, the extra layer of resin will pull off rather than the top layer of nail tissue.
  3. For faster blending (filing) of natural tips, purchase and apply "Nailogic Tip Blender" to the seam where the tip meets the natural nail. Blend (file) carefully, being careful not to file on the natural nail, then buf or file the entire surface of the tip to remove shine. Shape the tip.

  4. Dust with a manicure brush and sanitize the entire surface using brisk strokes with a stiff bristle brush and "Nailogic Nail Sanitizer”. Let dry to a chalky white.
  5. Follow step #6 of “Basic Natural Nail Preparation”.

Note: Use only ABS tips!   (Acrylic Butyl Syrene)

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