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Nailogic Gel Acrylic Dip

The Easiest Acrylic Nails you will ever make, and No Odor!

1. Follow the “Basic Natural Nail Preparation” instructions from this instruction packet. This application will work whether over a tip or natural nail, or any other manufacturers product.

2. Using the Nailogic "Stix-It Nail Prep" apply a thin coat as you would polish, avoid applying to skin, allow to dry 10-15 seconds. Avoid applying to the skin.

3. Apply just a little bit of the UV Acrylic Liquid to the surface of the nail. The “UV Acrylic Liquid” is much thinner in texture than the gels and will run easily if you apply to much! Do not get any product on skin surfaces!

4. Work this “little bit” of “UV Acrylic Liquid” into the nail surface very well.

5. It is best to sprinkle the "Clear or Pink Acrylic Powder" onto the nail surface, though you can dip as well. Tap the finger gently to remove the excess powder. Run an metal cuticle pusher around the cuticle area to be certain that you haven’t gotten any “UV Acrylic Liquid” on skin.

6. Place nails under the "UV Nail Light" for 10 to 15 seconds. Do all four nails on one hand at same time. While the first hand is under the light begin the other hand.

7. Repeat steps 3,4, and 5 (putting liquid a little closer to center each time to create arch) as many times as needed to obtain the desired strength and thickness.

8.  Wipe or brush nail surface with “Nailogic Nail Sanitizer”.

9. File surface to shape as needed, cleanse again with “Nail Sanitizer”.

10. Now would be the time to apply a coat of "Gel Fini" color gel, "10-2Go Gel Nail Polish", or "New Concept Gel Fini/10-2Go Custom color"!

11. Using "Nailogic I-Shine"  apply as you would polish. Do not apply to skin. Allow to self level a few seconds. Be certain at all times you have not gotten any product on the skin. Place the nails under the
"UV Nail Lamp" for2 minutes

must wipe with alcohol or polish remover, Do not Buff!!!!!!!.


The nails will be strong and be permanently shiny.

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