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9 Watt UV Nail Curing Light with 2 minute timer

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 Natural Nail Prep

1. Sanitize. Do not saturate nails with water or oils.

2. Remove the thin skin tissue along the cuticle and sidewalls of the nails using a metal cuticle pusher or cuticle stone.

3. Shape nails as necessary.

4. Using medium buffing block or a 180 grit file remove all the shine from the entire surface of the nails, to include along the cuticle, sidewalls, and free edge. Shape as needed.

5. Sanitize using a Nailogic Sanitizer Brush or manicure brush and an alcohol base sanitizer.

Always be certain the nail is dry before applying!

Application    Roll colors well before applying!

1. Using "10-Go" "Stix-It Nail Prep", wet the entire surface of 4 nails.

2. Repeat step #1 on 4 fingers of hand #2.

3. Apply a thin coat of "10-Go" Clear BASE/Top Coat Gel Nail Polish to hand #1. Apply as you would nail polish, avoid over brushing. Always cap the free edge. Remove any product from the skin. 1 minute under UV light and repeat on hand #2. Wipe away tacky residue using alcohol base sanitizer.

4. Apply a thin coat of your choice of  "10-Go" Color Gel Nail Polish to hand #1. Apply as you would nail polish, avoid over brushing. Always cap the free edge. Remove any product from the skin.  Remember once "10-Go" is committed to the UV light, it does not remove easily with polish remover as traditional nail polish does. Apply too much color gel polish, gel polish will not cure completely. Not enough gel polish will not smooth properly. Practice!

5. Place the nails under the UV light for a minimum of 1 minute and......

       repeat step #4 on 4 fingers of hand #2.

7. Apply a second thin coat of color to 4 fingers of hand #1,  1 minute under the light, repeat on 4 fingers of hand #2.

8. Apply a thin coat of "10-Go" Clear Base/TOP coat to hand #1,"10-Go" 2 minutes under the UV light, and repeat on hand #2.

9. Repeat the entire process on both thumbs at the same time.

10. Wipe all nails with alcohol to remove tacky residue.

You are finished!

2 week service
"10-Go"removes fairly easily and quickly, though it will not remove simply by wiping with polish remover.


Simply file only until "10-Go" color is gone, allow the Base Coat to remain, do not over file. Then follow the steps for Nail Prep and Application above.
Always be certain the nail is dry before applying!


Removal of 10-2Go

Simply file until color is gone, and soak your "10-Go" nails in warm acetone for 5 to 10 minutes.  "10-Go" gel polish will become soft and will peel off the nail easily. 


You can hand paint or air brush water base acrylic paint on  "10-Go" color gel polish once the gel polish has been cured under the UV light. Always apply a coat of  "10-Go" clear top coat on top of the artwork.


Place rhinestones, confetti, crystals, gold nuggets, glass beads, fimo clay designs, decals, or what ever art items you choose onto the still wet 2nd coat of            color gel polish, then cure under the UV light at least 1 minute, always apply a coat of            Clear      base/TOP Coat Gel Nail Polish and cure for 2 minutes.

You can blend colors on the nail surface while color gel polish is still wet, before curing. Swirl, dot or line using dot tools or art brushes, or allow colors to flow and blend.

You can cure a color gel polish and then paint more colors on and cure again, always finish with            Clear base/TOP Coat Gel Nail Polish and cure for 2 minutes.

Be creative, it is yours to do!

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