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10 ct. Orangewood Sticks

Final Step Nail Gel

116 Mimosa 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish

117 TextMe 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish

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9 watt UV nail curing replacement bulb

Acrylic IQ Acrylic Powders

Custom Color 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish



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Gels are the upcoming technology!
It is only a matter of time.

Gels are the #1 application in Europe NOW!

Ask the technicians who use gels everyday, Gels really do work!

Ask Clients who wear gels everyday, they look and feel better, and the natural nail is much better for wearing gels.

If you have tried true gels and did not have a positive experience, it was probably due to insufficient education and experience applying gels. Gels are a very, very different in application than traditional acrylics.

Click Here to Learn what a true gel is!

You may have received something else!

In a very few years, "if you are not doing gels, you may be the only one!"

Why Nailogic Gels?....the real question is, "Why Not?"
Properly applied Nailogic gel products;

  • Require much less brushing and filing!
  • Have a crystal clear high shine natural look clients love.
  • Are far less damaging to the natural nail than traditional acrylics.
  • Result in far, far fewer allergic reactions and infections than traditional acrylics .
  • Adheres better and longer than traditional acrylics.
  • File very easily. Drills are simply not necessary.
  • Have no odor, none! No gases in the air because Nailogic products do not evaporate.
  • Once mastered, application is fast and easy, less steps. See How to Apply .
  • Have no acid primers or coustic materials, no drill is ever necessary!

In other words, Gels are much less harmful to the natural nail and your body!

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121 Grapeful 10-2Go UV Gel Nail Polish
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