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Nailogic Professional Combo Gel/UV Acrylic Kit
Nailogic Professional Combo Gel/UV Acrylic Kit  

This kit does it all for enhancements. Gels, Gel Acrylics, Wraps, overlay or sculpts on natural nail or any ABS tip, or over other acrylic products, or resins. Kit contains gels, odorfree light cured acrylics, fiberglass, dips, and all products needed to get a start! 100+Sets! 

Professional Gels Kit contents
1/2 oz. Nailogic Stix-It Nail Prep 1 oz. Building gel, 1 oz. White Sculpting gel, 2ea. 1/2 oz. I Shine UV Top Gel, 1/2 oz. White UV Acrylic Powder, 1/2 oz. Pink UV Acrylic Powder, 2 oz. UV Lite curable Liquid, 2 2gr.Tip Resin, 2 ea. 100/100 Grit File, Buffing Block, #2 Gel Brush, #4 Acrylic Brush, Sanitizer Brush, Dappen Dish, Manicure Brush, UV Lamp, 4 oz. Nail Sanitizer, 4 oz. Brush Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cuticle pusher, 50 nail forms, 100 asst. tips, 100 ct. Lint free wipes, DVD and Written Instructions.
approx. 50 sets Gels, 30 UV Acrylics.

UV Light Cured Acrylic + Gels Combo Kit contents
2 oz. U.V. Liquid, 2 oz. Clear UV Powder, 2 oz. White UV Powder, 2 oz. Pink UV Powder, 2ea. 1/2 oz. I Shine Top Gel, #4 Acrylics Brush, 1/2 oz. Base Gel, 1/2 oz. White Sculpting Gel, 1 oz. Building gel, #2 Gels Brush, 4 oz. Nail Sanitizer, 4 oz. Brush Cleaner, Sanitizer Brush, stainless steeel cuticle pusher, manicure brush, 2ea. 100/100 Grit Files, Buffing Block, Dappen Dish, 2ea. 2 gr. Tip Resin, 100 asst. nail Tips, 50 Nail Forms, 100 Lint free nail wipes, Instructional DVD, U.V. Light.
approx. 50 sets Acrylic, 30 Gels.


Price: $189.95 to $265.95
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