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A little about Nailogic


Nailogic is a company created by a professional for professionals.
Nailogic got its start as an educational company and has grown into a top quality branded line of nail enhancement products for both beginners and the experienced technician.
A three time international fantasy nail art champion who has been using gel nail products primarily for more than 35 years saw there was little to no educational opportunities for the application of gels and determined to do something about that!
Gel applications are so different than conventional acrylics!


So, in the year 2000, Nailogic was born!
We have been providing on campus “How 2”’s for more than 20 years. These classes share application techniques with students in schools, technicians in salons and trade shows, and educators.



Nailogic is now providing virtual instruction as well.
Applying nail enhancement products is not as easy as it looks! And not all products function the same. Our instructional courses focus on the Nailogic line of products, and on the fine points, you know, the little things that can sometimes make a big, big difference in the result!

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