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Nailogic is for Sale!

We have been blessed with more than 20 years educating and selling Nailogic Products. Our business has grown from simply being an education company promoting gel nail applications to a company carrying a full line of branded nail enhancement products.

If you were to purchase this company you would receive all of our inventory (averaging about $15,000).
This website, existing customers, leads list, some shelvin
g and other miscellaneous equipment, and more.

If you want to have a more in depth conversation regarding the purchase of this company and what it entails,

please email us once again with your name, company (if existing), location address, and phone number.

What is for sale.

Brief Overview:

  • Logo

  • Company/Brand Name, 23 year existing business.

  • Inventory, products, containers, equipment.

  • Working Website and .com Domain.

  • Existing Contract Customer List

  • Vendor/product sources list.

  • Excel Order/Inventory/Cost analysis worksheets.

  • Publisher Labels.

  • Some shelving and storage.

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