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Nailogic Odorless Pink&White or Clear&White Acrylic kit for state board test. Sealed per state boards requirements. Enough product to take your State Boards test.

Kit includes:

1/2 oz. Dehydrator

1/2 oz. Adhesion Agent (primer)

1 oz. Nailogic Odorless Acrylic Liquid (monomer)

1/4 oz. Nailogic Clear or Pink Acrylic Powder

1/4 oz. Nailogic White Acrylic Powder

and comes with extras:
5 tips
Tip adhesive
5 forms
100 grit file
Acrylics Brush

practice finger

Nailogic Odorless Acrylic Test Kit with Accessories

$31.95 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
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