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Product discount pricing for the event.
Hands on Hard Gels AND custom UV Gel Polish Class

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10-2Go Create Your Own
UV Gel Polish Colors

Create Your Own UV Gel Polish Colors, 10-2Go from Nailogic

Acrylic IQ
Pro Acrylic System
Professionl Acrylic Kits and Products

10-2Go UV Gel Polish
Bottle Color
10-2Go Colors in a Bottle, from Nailogic

Odorless Acrylic Kits
Odorless Acrylic Student Kits for advanced learning

Odorless Acrylic

Odorless Monomers and Powders from Nailogic

Tips, Forms
Nailogic Tips and Forms

Nailogic Gels
Available in these Squeeze Bottles, or Jars.

Nailogic Gels Starter Kits
Starter Gels Kits from Nailogic

Advanced Gels Kits
Gels Only Kits!

UV Acrylic Kits
Light Cured Acrylics, completely odorless

UV Acrylic Liquid

UV Acrylic Powders
Nailogic UV Cured Acrylic Nail Powders

Files & Buffers
Nail Files for any use.

Gels and Acrylics Brushes

Pushers, Nippers, Tip Cutters, Scissors & more

Art Stuff
Nail Art items

UV Gel Curing Lamps

Tip Adhesives
Glue for You! Rapid Dry, sure adhere.

 Polish Removers

Miscellaneous Learning

State Boards
Wraps Kits

Spray activator or Brush on, Dropper or Brush on Glue

Practice Hands and Fingers

Distribute Nailogic Gel Nail products from your Salon, Store, or website For more info, Contact  
Rob the traveling NailsMan

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